About Yuz Foundation/Yuz Museum and the founder Budi Tek

Founded in 2007 by Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur and top Asian collector Mr. Budi Tek to accompany his philanthropic engagement in the field of arts, the Yuz Foundation is the umbrella organization of the Yuz Collection and the Yuz Museum.

The Yuz Museum in Shanghai, opened in May 2014, is a non-profit museum of contemporary art, founded by Mr. Budi Tek. It is located in the core area of Shanghai West Bund, and is one of the important parts of “West Bund Culture Corridor”. Yuz Museum is committed to drawing the world’s attention to Shanghai, advancing the development of contemporary Chinese art, promoting cultural dialogue between the East and the West. The museum aims to establish itself as a new landmark for exhibiting contemporary Chinese art and to be a preeminent contemporary art museum in the world.

Designed by acclaimed Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto and built on the old site of the aircraft hangar of the former Long Hua Airport, the museum boasts a total area of 9,000 square meters, among which the hangar-converted great hall alone covers over 3,000 square meters, complementing the numerous large-scale art installations, while the other galleries offer more than 1,000 square meters for paintings, sculptures and photography of contemporary art.

Budi Tek

Budi Tek is a Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector, who dedicated his Yuz Foundation to contemporary art from China and the rest of the world. It aims to popularize international contemporary art through its ideas, collections, museums, sponsorship and academic projects.

Budi Tek was born in Jakarta, and grew up in Singapore to become a successful entrepreneur specializing in food industry. In 2004, he became obsessed with the contemporary art and began to study art collection. Over a decade, as a top Asian collector, he built up Yuz Collection, which balances equally art from the East and the West. The Chinese contemporary section is one of the most significant internationally, particularly for the period from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. Yuz Collection of western art ranges from mega size installations to German post war paintings and young artists’ NEW ART, which call for public engagement. For Budi Tek, art is a sensory experience that is more important than the object itself.