Located along the West Bund in Xuhui District, Yuz Museum, Shanghai is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Yuz Foundation. The museum will strive to promote the exhibition and development of contemporary art and to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. The space of Shanghai Yuz Museum was once the hangar of Longhua Airport. The museum boasts a total area of 9,000 square meters, among which the hangar-converted main gallery alone covers over 3,000sqm. By retaining the unique sense of grandeur of this enormous structure, the space perfectly sets off the magnificence of the installations in YUZ collection.

YUZM’s basic design approach is to maintain the historical style of the old hangar, redesigning the space of the building to create a large art exhibition space, and to use verdant trees and a bright, open entry hall to form interplay between old and new architecture. While respecting the history of the facility, we have designed a flat-roofed glass hall that interacts with the clear formal characteristics of the old hangar. This interaction between the two structures is a challenge and an experiment in fusing old and new architecture.


Mr. Budi Tek is a Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, art philanthropist and collector.
Mr. Budi Tek started his art collection about ten years ago when he discovered art’s ability to take him to new, unknown worlds. Thus he began his journey into the world of art, and he has been a serious collector ever since. He began with Chinese contemporary paintings, especially those created between the early 1980s and late 1990s. He has built up a considerable collection of Chinese contemporary art, and is always willing to exhibit and lend his works to other accredited art institutions in order to raise the profile and understanding of Chinese contemporary art worldwide. Mr. Budi Tek has also been invited to join the Tate’s Asia-Pacific Acquisitions Committee to heighten international awareness of Asia-Pacific arts.As a leading collector in Asia, Mr. Budi Tek has steadily expanded the scope of his interests beyond Asian Art to include Western Art as well. He has recently added artworks by representative Western contemporary artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Fred Sandback and Adel Abdessemed to his collection.


Wu Hung is the founder and director of the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago, the Consulting Curator at the Smart Museum,
and the Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor in Chinese Art History at the Department of Art History and the Department of East
Asian Languages and Civilizations at that university. He is also an elected member of the American Academy of Art and Science. Currently, Wu Hung is
also chair of the Academic Committee of OCT Contemporary Art Center (China), chair of the Academic Committee of Yuz Museum and member of
Guggenheim Museum Asian Art Council.


Our Underlying Principles
Collect contemporary, promote the art museum movement, take an active
role in social welfare.

Our Motto
Art is lasting, art is patient, art is a gift. It is a gift of faith, hope and love to the
artistic life.

Our Mission
The Yuz Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to promote
contemporary art and artists, and contribute to various art initiatives.
The founder, Mr. Budi Tek, hopes to provide a platform for the communication
and promotion of Asian and Western Contemporary art and artists.

The Yuz Foundation offers exhibition opportunities to international artists via the Yuz Museum, Jakarta, in Indonesia, and a platform for continuous dialogue for the promotion of contemporary arts via Bali Conversation, an annual academic discussion program about contemporary art held in Bali. It has also sponsored such publications as MoMA’s Contemporary Chinese Art: Primary Documents and loaned many artworks to accredited art institutions for exhibitions such as the Big Brother – Artists & Tyrants exhibition in Dinard, France. Furthermore, it supported the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) conference in 2010 in Shanghai.

The Yuz Foundation will continue working to develop compelling and consistent ways of realizing the founder’s desire—to enhance public appreciation for contemporary art and to promote contemporary art and artists.