Bordercrossing: Possibilities and Interactions

Yuz Museum, Panlong, Shanghai

September 3rd- October 8th, 2023

Yuz Museum is pleased to present “Bordercrossing: Possibilities and Interactions,” in partnership with Forbes China, from September 3rd to October 8th, 2023 at Yuz Museum. This group exhibition seeks to examine the idea of Yuz Museum that “as we write today’s history, we are writing tomorrow’s” , as well as to investigate its concept of “Yuz Flow”. With such experimental collaboration, Yuz intends to present the outward exploration by the art world and the examination of the art world by others.

With the technological singularity looming, the wrestling between living and non-living things has quietly diffused in our lives. Thoughts are constantly materialized into flowing data and instant images. Bodies are activated between tabs and windows. The only certainty of today is that we are moving from “certainties” to “possibilities”. Among these “possibilities”, we transcend the physical body through technology and gain the dual vision of Janus, looking both forwards and backwards. Observations and responses to such trends are expressed in the aforementioned group exhibition at Yuz.

Thirty groups of artists born between the 1980s and 1990s will present their process of crossing the boundary between reality and imagination, garden-crafting the current social landscapes and the inner world of the modern individuals. This exhibition offers a panorama of expressions by the younger generation in the context of globalization. The artworks manifest an expansion across multiple dimensions such as themes, mediums, audiences; the trend of decentralized creation that focuses on human “commonality” and how contemporaneity shifts between the past and the future. Viewers will launch their personalized “fieldwork” involving notions of nature, ruins, artifacts, and digitization, and observe how human beings navigate the modern jungle through the means of art.

30 Forbes Artists

Cai Lei|Skyler Chen|Kristy M Chan|Chen Wei|Gao Ludi|Han Mengyun|Hou Zichao| Huang Yishan|Li Hei Di|Li Qing|Liu Shiyuan|Liu Wa & Bao Yang|Mak2|Ni Youyu|Pu Yingwei|Qiu Ruixiang|Sun Yitian|Taca Sui|Tao Hui|Wang Kaifan|Wu Jian’an|Xia Yu|aaajiao|Chris Huen Sin-Kan|Ye Linghan|Zhang Ruyi|Zhang Yingnan|Zhang Zipiao|Zhao Zhao|Zheng Yuan

Academic Adviser Wu Hung

WU HUNG is a leading art historian in the world as well as a famous contemporary art critique and curator. An elected member of the American Academy of Art and Science and the American Philosophic Society, he is the founder and director of the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago, and also sits on multiple international committees. His research interests include both traditional and contemporary Chinese art, and he has published many books and curated many exhibitions in these two fields. He has received many awards for his publications, exhibitions, and academic services, including the Distinguished Teaching Award (2008) and Distinguished Scholar Award (2018) from the College of Art Association (CAA), an Honorary Degree in Arts from Harvard University (2019), and the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing on Art from CAA (2022).

About Yuz Museum

Yuz Museum Shanghai, officially opened in May of 2014, is a contemporary art museum founded by Mr. Budi Tek, a Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector. Yuz Museum is committed to drawing the world’s attention to Shanghai, advancing the development of contemporary Chinese art, actively engaging in the field of art education, and promoting cultural dialogues between East and West. As a non-profit institution, the museum aims to serve as a leader in exhibiting contemporary Chinese art and to build a preeminent reputation for contemporary art in China.

Since its opening in 2014, Yuz Museum has been the home of many internationally acclaimed exhibitions such as the world’s largest Giacometti Retrospective, the “Rain Room”, the Asia premieres of Andy Warhol’s “Shadow”, KAWS’s first institutional exhibition in mainland China “Where the End Starts”, “Charlie Chaplin: A Vision”, “Yoshitomo Nara”, etc. A significant part of the museum’s focus is contemporary Chinese art, and it has provided unremitting support to a number of local artists by holding their own solo exhibitions, including “Myth / History:”, “Myth / History II: Shanghai Galaxy”, “Shanghai Galaxy II”, “Twin Tracks: Yang Fudong Solo Exhibition”, “Zhou Li: Shadow of the Wind”, “Zhou Tiehai: Will / We Must”, “Qin Yifeng’s Works”, etc.

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