insideyuz | The Musical Inspiration in the Rain – Screening and Appreciation of the Singin’ in the Rain

Time: 6:00 pm, December 17th, 2015
Location: VIP Glass Room, 3rd Floor, Yuz Museum
Lecturer: Wang Peilei
Fee: Free


In the 1930s and 1940s,Hollywood entered a golden era. Under the studio system, the mature film system maintained a film empire of mass-production and full of creativities. At that time, American musical film reached the pinnacle of success, and the film Singin’ in the Rain was exactly the masterpiece during that period. Singin’ in the Rain that published by MGM is based on the transition of Hollywood from silent movie to sound movie; it depicts the love story between a Hollywood star Don and a chorus girl Kathy. The scene that Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain even becomes a classic in the film history. The content just maps a series of interaction about emergence of sound movies between filmmakers in the late 20s. While in the 1940s in china, a comparatively scaled production of musical films also came into being. Though it’s far behind Hollywood’s standard both in competence and conception, something intriguing is still there to be found. Please come and feel the inspirational and joyful move in the rain on November 17th at Yuz Museum!

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1. Dial 021-64261901 * 833;

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3. Come to the informaiton desk at Yuz Museum to make a reservation.